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Goal 1

One of our main goals is to improve the quality of women’s lives by offering economic opportunities.

A social enterprise where woman meet and work to achive sustainability and self-sufficiency...


To involve a lot of villagers into this project by giving them a decent income and some independancy.


We offer workshops including natural dyeing techniques to create a variety of colours and effects on silk. Also tea tasting as an introduction to recognise key flavour notes and identify different tea blends.

Goal 2

Our second goal is to set up our own silk farm. We want manage the entire to process of silk production, from start to finish to produce our own high quality, raw silk. This project is called the KCC Silk Farm.

Cambodia’s production of silk was largely destroyed by the Khmer Rouge regime and now the majority of raw silk is imported from Thailand and Vietnam. We want to revive Cambodia’s own traditional way of making silk.


As part of this project, 700 mulberry trees have been planted in a field attached to the KCC. The leaves of the mulberry tree form the food for the silkworms that will produce the silk. 

Goal 3

Our third goal is to create a lotus pond so that we can produce our own lotus silk. This project is called the KCC Lotus Farm and will also be carried out at the KCC, in Baray.

The lotus is a remarkable plant and has many different uses and even has medicinal properties. Aside from being able to make silk from the fibers in the lotus stem, we can make tea, extract natural oils, use the leaves as wrapping, or simply eat the lotus fruit.

Above all, the lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists and symbolizes purity, serenity and grace.


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